Curriculum Vitae

Leiden University, Facul­ty of Law: Juris Doctor 1965; PhD 1971
Erasmus University Rotterdam: Professor of Private Law, Commerci­al Law and Law of Civil Procedure since 1972; retired on 1 March 2006. PhD doctorates realised: 18.
- Sabbaticals: Berkeley, California, 1977; NYU, New York, 1996, and Cape Town, 2000. 
- General Reporter on Pure Economic Loss, IACL, Bristol 1998.
District Court Rotterdam: Part-time judge since 1975 (retired).

Director Institute of Environmental Damage and Liability Law, Rotterdam, 1986-2006.
- Research projects: City of Rot­terdam (Port Authority, on har­bour pollution; pollution of rivers Rhine and Meuse), Ministry of the Envi­ronment and the Minis­try of Trans­port and Waterways (on North Sea oil polluti­on) and the EEC (water pollution). Contract research funds: ca. € 2 million. 
Director Institute of Legal Decision making, Rotterdam, 1982-2006. 
- Empirical research on judicial decision making and out-of-court settlements. Several research projects for the Ministry of Justice. Contract research funds: ca. € 0.4 million.
Editor-in-chief of the Environmental Damage and Liability Law ReviewTMA, 1987-2010 (SDU, The Hague). President Dutch Private Law Association, 1986-1994. 
Chairman Legal Committee, Council for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, 1988-1999. International Academy of Comparative Law, IACL (Paris), Membre titulaire

President of the Board of Arbitration OSB, Association of Cleaning Firms, Den Bosch (including industrial cleaning); in most cases single arbitrator (retired).
Arbitrator NAI (Netherlands Arbitration Institute, Rotterdam), TAMARA (Transport And Maritime Arbitration, Rotterdam-Amsterdam), and LCIA (London Court of International Arbitration), in international construction, contract, transport, and corporate take-over cases.
Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, London. 
Arbitrator ICC Court of Arbitration, Paris; Chairman of the Tribunal in a construction dispute between American and Egyptian parties, in 1988-1989. Sole Arbitrator in airline/contractor dispute in 1999-2001; Arbitrator in 2004, 2006 and 2008, in contract disputes, wreck salvage. 
Adjudicator in several FIDIC construction contracts in a wind park project.
Author of legal opinions on construction law (toll bridge, tunnels, infra-structure, energy), contract law and environmental liability. Publications (available on my website), e.g.:
- Verbintenissenrecht (‘Law of Obligations’), Volumes I and II, 5th ed. 2004, Kluwer, Deventer.
- The Duty of Care in Contract and Tort. Selected Essays on Contract, Construction Law, Environmental Liability, Jurisprudence, Shaker Publishing, Maastricht, 2006.
- “Force majeure and Frustration of Contract”20(2) Internat. Construction LR, 2002, p.162 ff.
- “On a Clear Day, You Can See the Continent – The Shrouded Acceptance of Good Faith as a General     Rule of Contract Law on the British Isles”, 31 Construction Law Journal 2015-1, p.3-25.